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Helix aspersa (Land Snails)

AS pets

Kids, Teens and Adults love raising snails!

  • It is amazing how the hours fly by watching these slow, methodical creatures!
  • Very low cost and low maintenance.
  • These snails thrive indoors and have a 10 year life expectancy! 
Please be aware of local laws/regulations.




Easy as 1-2-3

  • Snails are asexual. Feel free to start with just one snail. They can also breed with each other (we recommend two or more snails for breeding.)
  • Raising snails is a great hobby, and can be profitable if done carefully!
  • Regardless if you are starting a small 2 snail farm or a large 10,000 snail farm. We are here to get you started.

As an American chef obtaining healthy, delicious, live snails can be nearly impossible. If you don't have a local source,  you are often out of luck and reliant on canned snails. Yuck! Our network includes EVERY state in the USA. Quick delivery of our live snails directly to your door is our promise.

At no extra cost we will purge your snails for seven days before shipping.

 We  feed 100% organic. 

Try mixing it up the first time you order and see which purge is your favourite. Your snails will come labelled so that you can tell them apart.

We are currently closed due to our company needing to further explore local county laws for several of our major distribution cities.  This causes concerns for all local laws and the majority of our orders, so we have issued refunds for all pending orders.  If you placed a order with us via PayPal your order may have not been refunded properly.  Please go to your PayPal and request a refund for the transaction the refund will then be accepted within 24 hours.  All credit card orders have been refunded.

Thank you for your understanding. Rest assure we are doing everything to get SnailsInTheMail back up and running as soon as possible.