Helix aspersa (Land Snails)

AS pets

Kids, Teens and Adults love raising snails!

  • Teaches children the value of having a pet.
  • It is amazing how the hours fly by watching these slow, methodical creatures!
  • Very low cost and low maintenance.
  • Easy to leave for extended periods of time.
  • These snails thrive indoors and can live up to 10 years! 
Please be aware of local laws/regulations.




Easy as 1-2-3

  • Raising snails is a great hobby and can be profitable if done carefully!
  • Regardless if you are starting a small 2 snail farm or a large 10,000 snail farm. We are here to help get you started.
  • If having baby snails isn't in your life plan, you can reduce the risk by having less dirt (or whatever you choose to use at the bottom of their tank).  If the snails don't have a place to lay eggs, then they won't.

As an American chef obtaining healthy, delicious, live snails can be nearly impossible. If you don't have a local source,  you are often out of luck and reliant on canned snails. Yuck! Our networks goal includes EVERY state in the USA. Quick delivery of our live snails directly to your door.

At no extra cost we will purge your snails for seven days before shipping.

We  feed 100% organic. 

Try mixing it up the first time you order and see which purge is your favourite. Your snails will come labelled so that you can tell them apart.

Also known as:  Garden Snails, Brown Snails, Brown Garden Snails, European Brown Garden Snail

Please note that we currently do not have snail distributors outside of California with snails.

If you have Helix Aspersa outside of California to contact us! 

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