Can I order snails from outside the USA?  The United States does not allow live snails to be imported into the country. Please be careful with European and other world sellers who say that they can ship into the USA.  We are USA company with USA snails!

How are there European snails in California?  European snails were imported here in the early 1850s by a Frenchman who intended to sell them as food, but the market in San Francisco during the Gold Rush was too unsophisticated for snails.  Times have changed, and snails are appreciated worldwide for their consistency and flavor. True to history, but with a modern edge, you can now select your favorite snails and have them mailed directly to you from the San Francisco Bay Area.

What is a PPQ 526 permit?  Plant Protection and Quarantine form.  This is required when moving snails across state lines.  We also have ways of avoiding this permit altogether.

How can ship to me without me applying for a  PPQ 526 permit?  Great question and this is what truly sets our company aside from any other snail company in the USA.  

1:  We network with a snail provider/permit holder that is already located in your state.  Once we receive the order, we forward it on, and they fill your order within your state.  This avoids the PPQ 526 form altogether. 

What if there are no snails providers in my state?  We are happy to accept your order and fill it once we have a snail provider in your area.  Orders are filled as received and you can cancel your order at any point for a full refund.

NOTE: If you are a snail breeder or you hold a PPQ 526 permit, please feel free to contact us about partnering opportunities.

What states does currently have providers in?  We now only have distributors in California.  Several other states will be added to the list once their snails breed and we locate distributors.

Can I get the snails I ordered the ones from Europe? If they are Helix aspersa, then they will be exactly like that!  We recommend trying if you live outside the USA and are shopping for a pet snail!

Where can I learn more about snail farming? We recommend reading any of the material at:

If I have more snails than I know what to do with... what do I do?  The last thing we want you to do is to kill a Helix Aspersa without eating it or throw a handful of snails into your next door garden. We, please contact us for partnering opportunities.  

What size are the snails and can I pick the size? Currently, we only sell adult snails. Why? Adult snails ship better. The more snails that arrive healthy, the fewer problems we have. 

How do you package your snails? We follow USPS/UPS minimal packing guidelines and go one step better. We use what we call a Box in a Box method. There is no way that your little snails will chew through our box and escape along the way!

Our packages are clearly labeled on all sides "FRAGILE", "Live Animal" on the top and perishable on at least one side.

I received my snail, and one has a crack in its shell.  Can I get a refund or a new snail? If we could hand deliver every order, trust me we would. If one of your snails does arrive with a damaged shell, please be prepared to do some doctoring for the little snail or eat him.  If the snail's body is exposed, there is a higher chance that he/she will die compared to having a shell (obviously.)  So what you will want to do is use some adhesive to attach a piece of plastic or something that is hard and will cover his/her body. We do not issue a refund on this, but we have been known to send replacement snails  (buyer pays S&H.)  We reserve the right to say no.  

How can I prevent my snails from having babies? We have found the best way to keep snails from laying eggs is to limit the amount of soil there is at the bottom of the tank.  This way you can at least manage the eggs before baby snails (escargot caviar is the most expensive caviar there is.)

Do you accept digital currency? Absolutely, if you wish to pay with Bitcoin or Clamcoin, please contact us.

Thank you 

Please feel free to use the Contact tab!

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